In keeping with our mission to “enlighten the community to see God’s love for the poor,” Catholic Charities created the Enlightenment Speaker Series to serve parishes and the broader community with trained discussion leaders who present a wide range of timely topics. Popular topics include:

  • Hunger in Ohio – Food Insecurity
  • The Church & Domestic Violence
  • Taking Care of Your Mental Well Being
  • Recognizing the Symptoms of Trauma
  • Immigration: Dying to Live
  • Global Refugee Crisis
What to expect

Scott D. Stephens, LISW-S, Director of Parish Outreach, can schedule a presentation. You can contact Scott at or call him at 513-672-3714 to discuss topics of interest. Participants should expect a knowledgeable, engaging speaker from Catholic Charities that will inform and challenge them to reflect on the Catholic faith and learn new ways to live it out daily.  Staff-led presentations are free of charge. Guest presentations may require a fee to offset expenses.


Expert Guest Speakers

Catholic Charities invites you to join us for Big Hunger the Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti Hunger Groups starting at 5:30 pm, Thursday, September 6 at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. In Big Hunger, author Andy Fisher argues many anti-hunger advocates miss an essential element of the problem: economic inequality driven by low wages. Encouragingly, Big Hunger sets forth a vision for addressing poverty and solving hunger. A discussion will following featuring local experts addressing poverty.

Andy co-founded and ran the main national alliance of groups working on food system change, the Community Food Security Coalition for 17 years. He worked to gain passage of federal programs that supported communities to develop their own programs to address hunger and food access, such as farm to school, urban gardening, farmers markets and community kitchens. After leaving the coalition, he went on to teach at various universities in Oregon, write Big Hunger, and serve as interim executive director at a gleaning/urban agriculture organization.

“We have pretended that the problem is hunger and not poverty. We’ve pretended that the solution to hunger is charity, not ensuring the right to food or increasing the political power of the poor.” Andy Fisher


Discussion Topics


The following is a listing of discussion topics:

Foster Care or Adoption Readiness

  • Understanding Children Exposed to Trauma
  • Coping with Stress and Parenting
  • Discipline and the Preschool Age child – Practical Strategies to Promote Positive Behaviors and Reduce Misbehavior
  • Discipline and the School Age Child – Practical Strategies to Promote Positive Behaviors and Reduce Misbehavior.
  • Problem-Solving with Children – Teaching Children to Effectively and Peacefully Solve Problems
  • Use of Effective Praise and Encouragement – Bringing Out the Best in Your ChildChurch Teachings
  • Culture of Poverty
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Life issues
  • Empowering Families to be the Domestic Church
  • Incorporating Prayer in All that We Do
  • Food for All: Hunger in Ohio
  • Pope Francis 101
  • Face of Mercy
  • VirtuesRefugees/Immigrants
  • Refugee Resettlement- The Journey of New Americans: Told by a recent Refugee
  • Legal Services for Refugees and Immigrants
  • Immigration from Latin America to the U.S.
  • Global Refugee Crisis – How Your Parish Can Make a Difference Locally


Mental Health

  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue
  • Anger Management (Adults and Teens)
  • Mental Health in General Terms
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Chemical Dependency (Heroin)
  • Domestic Violence/Partner Violence
  • Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness
  • Mental Health Ministry – Congregation Toolkit
  • Stress Reduction
  • Informing Yourself About Mental Illness
  • The Impact of Grief on Children
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Mental Health Awareness

Catholic Charities Services

  • Su Casa- What is it and Who do We Serve?
  • Dealing with Loss as a Caregiver
  • Women in Crisis Pregnancies
  • What does Catholic Charities do?
  • Answering the call to discipleship through acts of Mercy
  • Seniors Staying Active through Volunteerism
  • Volunteer opportunities at Catholic Charities