Gifts of the Magi


Gifts of the Magi is a collaboration between Catholic Charities, the Catholic Telegraph, and the Archdiocesan Councils of St. Vincent de Paul to serve families in need of one-time assistance.   This unique program provides a safety net for people who need resources not available through other services or programs,  and will lead to their sustainability.  It is open to any resident of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Assistance may be given in the form of furniture, car repairs to keep someone employed, minor home repairs, appliances, adaptive equipment, supplies needed to begin a job,  to name a few.

All applications are made through a church, the Conference of St. Vincent De Paul, or other social service agency that will provide ongoing direction, support, and guidance.

If you are a church or social service Agency and have questions about the referral process, contact Yuliya Fieno at (513) 241-7745 .  Applications are considered by a committee who evaluates the request and determines the approval of the “gift.”


What needs are considered?

  • The Gift of The Magi program provides for needs to keep families self-sufficient and support their effort to stay out of poverty.
  • Applications to fund a family to maintain economic stability over the long term are encouraged. Applications for emergency assistance without explaining a larger purpose to lift a person or family out of poverty or keep a person or family from falling into poverty are not considered as part of this program.
  • Applications frequently relate to a particular situation where the family financial viability is at risk. Examples include:
    • An event or emergency that requires resources that causes a family to lose items necessary to maintain a home or keep a job.
    • Other needs that will contribute to a family member’s ability to stay at home, continue to be employed or continue in college or job training course (other than tuition expense or long term assistance.)
    • Limited needs with regard to home repair, appliances or car repairs that are not available from other sources or programs.


How to apply for a gift

Below are the complete list of guidelines and application documents that need to be submitted with any request.

Join us in our efforts to serve the most vulnerable in our community by donating to the Gifts of the Magi.

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