Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio developed the Refugee Speakers Bureau in response to community requests for presenters and to provide an opportunity for resettled refugees to share their experiences. A nominal fee of $75 is charged to compensate refugees for their time and to manage the program. Watch videos of our speakers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What is the Refugee Speakers Bureau?
    Speakers Bureau Cooperative is a group of resettled refugees who volunteer their time to be trained in the art of public speaking so that they can share their stories/journeys with the rest of the community. It is intended to help create more awareness about the refugee crises and educate the public about what we do at the Refugee Resettlement Program.
  2. How is the program managed?
    The speakers Bureau is staffed and managed by Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio.
  3. How do I schedule a speaker?
    The easiest and fastest way to schedule an event is to complete the request form below.
  4. Is it possible to meet with the speaker before the event?
    Speakers are available one hour before a planned event. But if an advance meeting is necessary, let us know and it will be arranged.
  5. What is the cost for each Speaker event?
    The is $75 to compensate the refugee for his/her time and to offset oversight of the bureau.
  6. When and how do I make a payment?
    Payments should be made at least one week before a scheduled event. Mail your check to the attention of Refugee Speakers Bureau, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, 7162 Reading Road, Suite 600, Cincinnati, OH 45237.
  7. What if I have to cancel the event? Will I be refunded?
    Catholic Charities will refund you 50% of what you paid in advance.
  8.  How long does a typical event last?
    A normal speaking event lasts one to two hours including question and answer session.
  9. How far in advance can I schedule a speaker?
    For effective facilitation, a minimum of two weeks advance notice is required.
  10. Will there be additional charges if an event exceeds two hours?
  11. Is it okay to record or videotape speakers?
    Most speakers are comfortable with being recorded or videotaped. The audience will be informed ahead of time if a particular speaker does not want to be videotaped.
  12. What type of groups or events do speakers present?
    Speakers are invited to speak at social, church, school or community events that help to educate the community about the Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio Refugee Resettlement and the global refugee crises.
  13.  Is it okay to ask personal questions?
    Speakers will answer questions they are comfortable answering.

Refugee Speakers Bureau Request Form