brown county tom and nila
Nila and Tom are just one of the families benefiting from a flood recovery grant from Catholic Charities USA.

Nila heard pounding in the middle of the night and woke her husband. Tom looked outside and saw the creek rising over the banks next to their Ripley home.
“We’ve got to go!” he shouted.
By the time Nila grabbed her purse and mobile phone, the retired couple were ankle deep in water. They’re among the 43 families uprooted by the flash flood that swept through Brown County last month who are now receiving support with shelter, home repair and household goods due to a $10,000 grant received by Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio.
“We sought this assistance because Brown County is part of service area, and we learned that this disaster did not qualify for FEMA relief,” said Ted Bergh, CEO of Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio. “Traditionally, we look for ways to fill the gaps during disasters in our communities.”
Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio is partnering with other local relief organizations with the goal to restore homes affected by the flood. This includes short-term projects such as carpeting, painting, repairs and replacing appliances, furniture and other household items destroyed. Catholic Charities USA provided the grant.
Nila and Tom had just moved into their retirement home, downsizing from a two-story into Tom’s boyhood home near a great fishing creek. The flash flood struck their first night in their home.
“We’re lucky because we still have our other house until we can repair this one,” Nila said pointing to the mildew. She’s salvaging her once new kitchen cabinets with a combination of bleach water and vinegar. Friends and family removed household items immediately after the flood that were still packed in boxes. Volunteers from the local fire department helped remove mud and debris. But the couple’s air conditioning and heating unit will need to be replaced along with all the duct work that’s full of mud.