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Cargiver-Assistance-Network For many family members, there comes a time when they must become the primary caretaker of an aging parent or spouse.  This life-course change may be minor or become all-consuming. These caregivers need somewhere to turn.  Since 1996, the Caregiver Assistance Network has been there to help. The Network provides a wide-range of services, including:

  • Support Groups – 27 monthly support groups for more than 340 caregivers throughout Greater Cincinnati where caretakers meet to gain the support they need in their care (Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont & Clinton County).
  • Workshops – 2-3 workshops a month on issues faced by caregivers.
  • Podcasts Videos on various caregiver issues.
  • CAREline – a toll-free hotline providing resource information 1(800) 606-2560, referrals and support.  For the CAREline, call (513) 869-4483.
  • NewsletterBALANCE newsletter with articles of interest to caregivers.

Through these services, caregivers can learn how to take care of their family member and gain valuable resource information they need to care for their loved ones.  Caregivers can also learn how to take care of themselves and keep from isolating themselves, burning out or becoming ill. As importantly, caregivers can learn how to maintain a loving relationship with their family member. If you have a question about caregiving, please contact us.

Learn where to find a support group.  If you are on the Eastside of Cincinnati, look for our “Triangle of Care” in Mt. Washington and Anderson Township.

Learn how to start a support group in your area, call (513) 869-4483.

Find the latest schedule of workshops.

We are always in need of volunteers.

There is also a growing need and your donation would allow us to expand our services to serve more caregivers and their loved ones.